First off if you are here you must like something that I am doing.  So first and foremost THANK YOU!  Thank you for liking what I love to do.  

`Let me introduce myself, my name is Jessica (Jess, Jessie)  Small town girl from Wisconsin.   I have been referred to as a endless dreamer.  I have thoughts that can wonder of the edge of the world and eyes that see things the way that others don't.  I have a lot of different passion and I will never fit neatly in a box.  I try to be a blessing in peoples lives.  I want to leave them better then before they met me.  

I am the proud momma of two wonderful children...well most of the time.  My kiddos are Kylee who is eight and Jackson who is four.  I also have an amazing husband Nick who I have been married to for ten years. Wow it feels weird to type that out...doesn't feel like it has been that long.   He has got the kind of heart that any girl would die could I want more than that...did I mention that he is amazing!  He is the muscle behind Brushfly Photography and also the technical guy who steps in when I lose it with technology.   He has also been known to pick up the camera from time to time so you might see him from time to time.

I have had a interest in photography for a few years now.  I would do shoots here and there but never anything to serious.   I am the type of person that is always asking questions.  I found myself always ask what is my calling? What am I here for?  Then POP photography would pop into my head.  It has always come back to me!  Photography is what sets my soul I fire. You can call it what you will but photography has always just came back to me throughout the years.  I believe that this is what I am meant to do.  I feel can feel it in my core.  It gives me a creative outlet.  I am able to have fun capturing authentic moments.  I like that rawness and the organic feel when I look at the pictures that I take.  I believe that  photography gets better over time and you learn and grow as an artist.  It allows me to feel alive and just be in the moment for awhile.  I just love being able to photograph moments  for people.  Plus I get to meet some amazing people!

I am a lover of the light which is probably why I am so fascinated with photography.  I absolutely love everything about natural light photography I like the way people look in light.  I feel that the light adds soul to make the picture that much more real.  I am also obsessed with fashion and I am so excited to offer styled shoots to my clients.   Oh did I mention that I like coffee A LOT, and laughing lots and lots of laughing!

I am a minimalist so I don't like all the bells and whistles that sometimes come with photography.  Just give me a camera and a good lens and I am happy.  You'll see me with one camera and a couple of lenses usually two.  I don't believe you have to have the best of everything to be great.  

As your photographer I want to catch the moments in your life.  Capturing you  in your most natural way.  While I loved posed looks my most favorite part photography is being able to capture your authentic self.  The natural smiles, the laughs, the silly faces.  Whatever it is that makes you who you are. 

Here are a few of my favorite things.  Click through the images below.